Pacific Promotions presents Joel Clifton

JOEL (DIGGER) CLIFTON.  Started boxing in Alice Springs at the youth centre.  No amateur fights as my family couldn’t afford to send me away with the team.
Joined the army 2007 and posted to 8/9 rar in 2008 started kickboxing for fitness before I joined the army.
Deployed  to East Timor 2010 as soon as in was back in country I joined up with Corporate Box and started kickboxing and boxing.
Deployed to Afghanistan 2012 as part of a mentoring team primarily based out of TARIN KOWT but spent time in multiple FOBS part of 4 Kandak.
After Afghanistan I had 2 more kickboxing fights and then focused on boxing taking corporate fights within Brisbane and then turning PRO in 2014.
Currently still posted to 8/9 RAR recently moved from RECON PL to S2 cell which has helped with my training in boxing.
Looking forward to what the future brings with boxing and I have plans to transfer to a reservist unit and begin boxing full time.