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John 'The Iron Lion" Szigeti

Australian Heavyweight Champion


John Szigeti is a former National Basketball League player with Brisbane Bullets and Gold Coast Rollers.


He has recently been in the media spotlight for his feud with Barry Hall regarding the cancellation of a bout: John Szigeti is dirty on Big Bazza, claiming Hall's camp cancelled after finding out Szigeti was better with his fists than first thought.


He told Brisbane Herald Sun's Nick Smart:


"His promoter wants an 80 per cent chance that Hall will win, rather than a 50-50 fight,"


"Maybe that is a bit too risky for a prima donna like Hall." Szigeti said he thought the former footballer wanted credibility.


"He said he didn't want to fight chumps and follow in the footsteps of Sonny Bill Wiliams," Szigeti said.

The 203cm giant, who has had 10 bouts for eight wins on the Gold Coast RSL fight circuit, said he had first made contact with the Hall camp last year. But the talks have broken down.

"It is a shame it is taking forever for the hardest to play AFL to make his mind up to fight a 40-year-old retired basketballer and part-time boxer," Szigeti said.

"I want to show the world basketballers are just as tough as AFL players, if not tougher."



11 wins


8 Kos


6’ 8” or 202cm  105kgs  or 231ibs.