Pacific Promotions World Heavyweight Championship
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Pacific Promotions World Heavyweight Championship
Peter Graham
Peter Graham

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Peter Graham
Peter Graham

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Peter Graham
Peter Graham

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Peter Graham
Peter Graham

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Championships and achievements




  • 2000 WKBF Amateur Super Heavyweight Champion 

  • 2000 Australian Kyokushin Openweight Champion2000

  • 2000 WKBF World champion PRO. 

  • 2002 world heavyweight pro kickboxing champion (WKBF)(PRO)

  • 2003 K1 top Eight.  2003 K1world GP Melbourne champion Winner.

  • 2004 kings of Oceania Champion. 

  • 2011  ISKA World kickboxing champion (PRO)

  • 2013 ISKA Fighter of the year. 

  • 2013 ISKA World Champion. (PRO)

Mixed martial arts


  • Bellator MMA

  • Bellator Season 9 Heavyweight Tournament Runner-Up

  • DRAKA International Heavyweight champion (Pro)

  • TKO Mariusz Pudzianowski (the world strongest man x5)Wembley England   

  • In 2012 he opened up his own full-time martial arts school Peter Grahams IMC at Prospect New South Wales, Australia.




  • 2015 WBF World Heavyweight Champion.

  • Undefeated since the 10/12 /2010 peter is on a hot streak with 2x NSW PRO Titles the Australian Title and is the WBO Asia Pacific heavyweight champion. 

  • 2012 NSW State pro heavyweight title 

  • 2013 NSW State title Defence. (Winner)

  • 2015 AUST pro Heavyweight title (Winner)

  • 2015 WBO Asia Pacific Heaveweight title (winner)

WBF World Heavyweight Champion
Peter Graham is the first man in history to win Heavyweight Championships in 3 different fighting codes: Kickboxing, MMA & Professional Boxing.

Peter Graham became interested in martial arts when he started training Kyokushin Karate at 18. He then added Pro Kickboxing, Boxing and PRO MMA in the years that followed. With well over 100 Pro fights, he has won every title from state to world.He is without doubt one of the most successful combat sports athlete Australia has ever seen.  

Peter began kickboxing and boxing at age 21 and before turning professional, captured the World Kickboxing Federation World Amateur Heavyweight Championship from New Zealand's Shane Wijohn, finishing his amateur career an undefeated world champion,Graham turned professional in 2000 and attained instant success, defeating Ben Hamilton in K-1 Oceania Revenge by TKO and then Clay Aumitagi.


In 2000 he became the first Australian to go ten rounds with the legendary Stan "The Man" Longinidis.(a ten-times world champion)


In 2001 he defeated Mark Hunt, the K-1 World GP Champion of the year. He won his second WKBF Super Heavyweight title the next year, and won the Kings of Oceania 2004 championship after defeating his long-term rival Jason Suttie.

In 2006, Peter had a feud with Badr Hari in K-1 World Grand Prix 2006 in Auckland. Hari mocked Graham, stating that he is a has-been, and Hari was the future. A brawl at the press conference instigated by Hari kissing Graham. This did nothing but add excitement to the match. 


The real match was won by Peter, via his trademark "Rolling Thunder" spinning kick, which broke Hari's jaw. Hari was sidelined for almost a year.


On 5 August 2007, Graham and Hari met for a revenge fight in K-1 World GP 2007 in Hong Kong as one of the three super bouts of the event, held in Hong Kong for the very first time. This time, Hari was more alert to the threat of a Rolling Thunder by Graham. Both fighters could not show their top performances as Hari won the fight by points. Graham tried the Rolling Thunder Kick twice in the last moments of the fight but Hari was lucky to escape and win narrowly. 


He has returned to kickboxing to fight Prince Ali at HEAT 24 in Nagoya, Japan on 7 October 2012, winning the fight via decision and three other world championship victories to add to his success.


Competing in a Heavyweight Tournament at GFC Series 1 in Dubai on 29 May 2014, defeating Arnold Oborotov via an extension round majority decision was his last kickboxing fight(for now)


Mixed martial arts career


After training with PRIDE veteran Akira Shoji, Peter made his MMA debut in World Victory Road on 5 March 2008 against the Japanese MMA superstar fighter Kazuyuki Fujita, and was defeated by submission in the first round. 


Graham undeterred by the loss returned to for the World Victory Road Presents: Sengoku 4, where he again he fought valiantly in a much closer match against French grappler Moise Rimbon but Graham was submitted early in the second round.


Over the course of the following two years Graham proceed to hone his BJJ skills in Brazil, earning a blue belt, and continued to fight at elite level matches around the globe matched against the likes of Rolles Gracie Jr.. In July 2010 Graham defeated American K-1 Champion Carter Williams.


Taking it to the next level 8 December 2010, Graham defeated one of the most feared MMA fighter in the world Alexander Emelianenko by TKO via leg kicks halfway through the second round. 


In 2012, Graham defeated Konstantin Gluhov twice by KO & TKO.


Following the second Gluhov fight, he returned home to fight at Australian Fighting Championship (AFC) 4, defeating Donnie Lester by TKO 1:50 of Round 1, in December 2012.


On Australian MMA promotion Combat8 Graham defeated Tai Tuivasa by TKO in the second round making that his eighth KO/TKO MMA win so far.


Graham Beat Salimgirey Rasulov by TKO,Rasulov's arm was broken in Russia on 2 June.


Bellator MMA


He signed with Bellator MMA in July 2013. He debuted at Bellator 104 on 18 October 2013 when he faced Eric Prindle. He won the fight by unanimous decision which marks the first MMA fight Graham had that went the distance.


After Bellator in the USA Graham returned to MMA competition in Poland at KSW 28 versus Marcin Rózalski on 4 October 2014. He won via TKO due to a leg injury in the second round.


Marieos Pudunovski (the worlds strongest man X5) was stopped by Graham by KO in the second round in 2015 placing Peter Graham as the number one contender for the KSW MMA World title.