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Mark Ericksen

Chairman - Promoter - Director

Mark Ericksen

Pacific Promotions is the brainchild of boxing industry legend Mark Ericksen 

Mark's profile dates back to the glory days of promoting in the late 1980s. 

Mark has promoted some of the most significant boxing events in Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Realm. 

Mark Ericksen's experience and entrepreneurial expertise saw him elected Vice President of the World Boxing Organisation (WBO) for Asia, Australia, and The Pacific Realm. 

Mark has Promoted, Managed, and Matched elite boxers from Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Samoa, and Tonga. Mark has also promoted top professional boxers from the UK, the USA, Europe, and Africa


Below is a list of 100 Australian, New Zealand, South Pacific, and International boxing personalities and stars from Ericksen's Boxrec profile, whom he has promoted and managed over the last 30 years. The list includes, but is not limited to; 

1, Johnny Nelson, 2,  John Mugabi, 3, Jimmy Thunder, 4, Melton Bowen, 5, Kali Meehan, 6, Paul Briggs, 7, Bob Mirovic, 8, Craig Petersen, 9, Julian Holland, 10, Jeff Malcolm, 11, Sharon Anyos, 12, Holly Ferneley, 13, Wena Karaka, 14, Bowie Tupou, 15, Nathan Briggs 16, Mark Janssen, 17, Colin Wilson, 18, Ted Cofie, 19, Nader Hamden, 20, Adam Watt, 21, Tosca Petridis, 22, Phil Gregory, 23, Nedal Hussein, 24, Darren Obah, 25, Glen Kelly, 26, John Marceta, 27, John Wayne Parr, 28, Dindo Canoy, 29, Johnny Layton, 30 Guy Parker, 31, Neil Garland, 32,Ronald Doo, 33, Aisea Nama, 34, Young Huamona, 35, Mitieli Navuilawa, 36, Lindsay Christiansen, 37, Alberto MaChong, 38, Peter Graham, 39, Willie Nasio, 40, Joel Clifton, 41, Viv Schwalger, 42, Jamie Wallis, 43, Joseph Polu, 44, Lighting Lupe, 45, Selwyn Currie, 46, Gary Willis, 47, David Ravu Ravu, 48, Peter Kinsella, 49, Jamie Myer, 50, Brad Hemming, 51, Sam Aukuso. 52, Alex Kiss, 53, Danny Pierce, 54, Ian McLeod, 55, Danny Bellert, 56, Zeljko Gajic, 57, Isikeli Koroi, 58, Nico Toriri, 59, John Pericic, 60, Shane King, 61, Faaititi Seufale, 62, Stefan Scriggins, 63, Paul Smallman, 64, Gavin Topp, 65, Danny Buzza, 66, John Wyborn, 67, Blair Wilson, 68, Joe Kingi, 69, Dean Weston, 70, Tone Fiso, 71, Sean Sullivan, 72, Waisiki Ligaloa, 73, Michael Betros, 74, Mick Power, 75, Scott Parker, 76, Nathan Sting, 77, Johnny Binge, 78, Geoff Kanofski, 79, John Justice, 80, Hussein Hussein, 81, Steven Marks, 82, Rick Horsburgh, 83, Mitch O'Hello, 84, Glen Fitzpatric, 85, Julius Lloyd Long, 86, John Szigeti, 87, Chris McClung, 88, Clarence Tillman, 89, Hunter Sam, 90, Kurtis Pegoraro, 91, Conrad Lam, 92, Chris Seng 93, Bekir Kantarci, 94 Steve Unterholzer, 95, Mike Slivka,  96, Scott Baker, 97, Isemeli Lesi, 98, Sione Taliauli, 99, Frank Atu, 100, Sakaraia Ve, along with many others.

Mark has been a dynamic and dedicated promoter of over 57 shows, including 45 live events,12 of those events staged in 12 months.

All shows were televised by leading networks such as Fox Sports, ESPN, Sky Channel, The Nine Network, and TVNZ.

​Pacific Promotions Live Streams its events throughout the World via its subsidiary

Mark Ericksen-Boxrec

Mark began promoting on the Gold Coast, Queensland in late 1987, then New South Wales, ACT, and South Australia.

Mark has promoted in Auckland, Samoa, and Fiji. 

Mark has co-promoted in London, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, St Louis, Missouri, New Mexico, and Nagoya-Japan.

Mark Ericksen has also promoted numerous history-making events.

Mark promoted the First Indigenous amateur Female Australian Boxing Titles on the Gold Coast in 1988. It was a pro/am event. 

Mark was one of the First pioneers to promote Australian female boxing in the 1990s. Sharon' The Wild Thing' Anyos, Holly 'Hellcat' Ferneley, and Wena Karaka.

Mark promoted the First Heavyweight World Title Fight in 85 years in Qld, Australia, at The Townsville Breakwater Entertainment Centre in 1993. (REF: Demo fight video on website home page)

The only Heavyweight World Title Fight promoted before this in Australia was Tommy Burns Vs. Jack Johnson in Sydney in 1908. Eighty-five years previously, or four generations.

Mark promoted the First EVER World Title Fight in ANY division in New Zealand at the Auckland Supertop in 1993. 

Mark promoted the First Cruiserweight World Title Fight in Australia on the Gold Coast, Queensland, in 1995.

Mark promoted the First Heavyweight World Title in Darwin NT, Australia, in 2016.

Mark held licenses with the Australian National Boxing Federation, the Nevada State Athletic Commission, The British Boxing Board of Control, The NSW Government, The Auckland Professional Boxing Association & The Boxing Council of Fiji. Soon to be renewed. 

Mark currently holds licenses with the ANBF and the NZPBZ as a Promoter and Manager. 

The Australian National Boxing Federation (ANBF) elected Mark Ericksen, Boxing Promoter of the Year in 1997 and 1998.

The ANBF elected Mark Ericksen Manager of the Year in 1997 and 1998.

Mark's boxers, trainers, team, and officials, have won numerous national titles, international titles, world titles, and many other distinctions between 1987 and 2017. 

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