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Our Team

Pacific Promotions is a distinguished promoter of sports and entertainment, committed to delivering an exceptional evening of "Entertainment and Extravaganza". Our events feature a diverse range of performances, which include but are not limited to professional boxing, MMA, and kickboxing. We also offer the opportunity to host VIPs, celebrities, singers, dancers, entertainers, DJs, comedy, rap, competitions, auctions, charity fundraising, and specialist events. Our team takes great pride in providing high-quality entertainment and experiences to our valued guests.

Mark Ericksen the Chairman and Promoter

Mark Ericksen

Chairman - Promoter

Ian Gough Master of Ceremonies

Ian Gough

Master of Ceremonies

Presley Ericksen the Executive Director of Pacific Promotions

Presley Ericksen

Executive Director - Promoter 

Australia - NZ & the Pacific Realm

Tony Schwalger Pacific Promotions Head Trainer

Tony Schwalger

Head Trainer. Match Maker & Group Fitness Advisor

Kate Bradshaw Pacific Promotions online advisor

Kate Bradshaw

Online presence advisor

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