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PRESLEY PHOTO IMG_3367_edited.jpg

Presley Ericksen is the executive director of Pacific Promotions and has recently completed a Bachelor of Laws degree (LLB) at Bond University.

Presley has excellent communication and reasoning skills and can converse and interact with professionals on all levels. 


Presley has been working in Sales, Marketing, and promotions between legal studies over the last five years. She is a young lady who excels in all circumstances, and she thrives in environments where an opportunity for success is available. 

Presley is competitive by nature and enjoys working in a team environment. At the same time, she is self-motivated, with exceptional attention to detail, and adapts to all situations. 

Like all young people, Presley has a long-term plan. She is driven and has aspirations, goals, and dreams. Achieving a Bachelor of Laws Degree from Bond University was one of them. However, she doesn’t allow her optimism to cloud realism. 

Presley has been fortunate enough to have experienced much of the world for her age.

Presley has benefited from working alongside her father, Mark Ericksen, in the world of Promoting, Entertainment, Sporting Events, and Negotiations over the last ten years. 


Presley has travelled extensively with her family.

During her high school years, Presley travelled to Africa, where she spent over two months working with children in Tanzania, Kenya, and Zanzibar.


A highlight of her younger life (15), Presley was able to summit Mount Kilimanjaro, the world's tallest free-standing mountain.