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Tony Schwalger

Head Trainer. Match Maker & Group Fitness Advisor

Tony Schwalger

Pacific Promotions' full time trainer, since 1988. He is a Kiwi with Samoan heritage. 


Tony and his brothers Vivian (Viv) and Julian held 10 NZ titles in one year.


They represented NZ in many Boxing Championships. 


Their father Vitali Schwalger (Vic) had over 305 amateur fights losing only 2.


Boxing DNA runs strong in the Schwalger family.


Tony was voted Australia National Boxing Federation Trainer of the year in 1998.


Tony has trained many professional boxers to national and world title level, including but not limited to:


'Vicious' Viv Schwalger, John 'The Beast’ Mugabi, Jimmy Thunder, Kali ‘Checkmate’ Meehan, Julian 'The Fighting Ferrier’ Holland, Jeff ‘Flash’Malcolm, Marc 'The Dominator’ de Mori and ‘Cassius' Craig Petersen.

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